Call for poems and creative works

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Hi everyone,

I don’t know if you have seen this but after writing an Haiku as part of the dissertation festival a few years back I thought I might submit it.

I thought some of the rest of you might also be interested.


Submission Deadline: June 20, 2014

Teaching as a Human Experience: An Anthology of Contemporary Poems

An edited anthology volume by Dr. Karen Head (Assistant Professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Literature, Media, and Communication), and Patrick Blessinger (Founder and Executive Director, Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association)

Volume one of the anthology series, Contemporary Teaching and Learning Poetry Series, Patrick Blessinger, series editor.

Submissions should be submitted electronically to:

Volume One Overview

The poems in this collection will deal with the real life-worlds of professors, instructors, and others working in education and it will cover contemporary teaching experiences in education. The poems will be written mainly by college and university professors, instructors, lecturers, and others in the field of education, and will cover the many roles teachers play, including instructing, lecturing, mentoring, facilitating, coaching, guiding, and leading. This volume will cover the manifold life experiences and perspectives of being and working as a teacher in education and the epiphanies (experiences of deep realization) experienced in that role.

This volume seeks to give creative voice to the full range of experiences by teachers, students, and others. It seeks to empower readers with personal agency as they evolve as self-creating, self-determining authors of their own lives, personally and professionally. In short, it seeks to expand our consciousness of what it means to be a teacher in contemporary life and within diverse learning environments and cultures. The poems will be based on teachers’ meaningful experiences in and out of the classroom and will provide artistic inspiration and creative insight to other teachers who work as teachers.

Submission Requirements

You may submit up to two poems or creative works per person. Any poetic form is accepted, but each poem should be limited to 300 words, unless the poem of longer length is exceptional in quality and highly unique in insight or style and appropriate to the poetic form used. Thus, poems and creative works expressed in a pure economy of words and that are able to distill the human experience down to its bare essence are highly valued as are creative use of voice, passion, imagery and the interplay of intellect and emotions.

The poem “Lecture” by Tami Haaland and the poem “Student” by Ted Kooser are a few examples of the type of work this volume seeks.


We invite submissions of high quality poems and creative works for Volume One entitled, Teaching as a Human Experience: An Anthology of Contemporary Poems. We are interested in poems by teachers (e.g., professors, instructors, lecturers, faculty) as well as other practitioners in the field of teaching and learning.

Submission Deadline: June 20, 2014

Submissions should be submitted electronically to:
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Authenticity in learning online: Call for your thoughts or experiences!

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Hi everyone,

Each year we have a one-day mini conference at UoE run by a staff group called the elearning forum.

This year’s conference is on 10 April, and the theme is on authenticity in online learning – more details here:


Stuart & Simon from the Learning Technology Section, live sketching at an elearning@ed conference – for more, see

We would like to have your input too – would you like to contribute something to the conference?

Anything smallish like a short text statement, like a quote, of your own experience as an online learner, or something a bit bigger such as a recorded video statement, or even more, for example a poster about a project you are doing?

It would be fantastic if you wanted to send in your thoughts for the elearning forum – the forum is mostly made up of staff who teach on or develop and support online learning, and also research students.

Please email me soon if you’re interested in sending something and/or would like to have a chat about what shape a contribution could have –

We aren’t thinking of having streamed presentations, to keep the technical requirements as low as possible, but if you would like to follow along, we will be using the twitter hashtag #elearninged

Virtual “Open Day” for the MSc in Digital Education

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The Programme will be joining in with one of the University-wide Open Day events on Wednesday the 26th March.  Details of what is planned are to be found on the Programme website.

Interested onlookers to this blog from outside the Programme student community should regard this as our invitation to you to join in on the day, if you have questions about studying with us.

We would ask all of you – student community and beyond – to help us publicise the day by Tweeting, or otherwise sharing, the URL of the announcement page.

Many thanks.

Innovative Learning Week thank you and update

February 26, 2014 in events

I wanted to briefly post to thank Louise Connelly, Amy Woodgate and Jin Darling for their excellent contributions to last week’s Innovative Learning Week in the University.

On Monday, Louise, Amy and Jin led a session in Second Life called ‘Exploring Second Life: from botanic gardens, to Buddhist temples, and university campuses’. An enthusiastic group of participants travelled the metaverse together to get a sense of the possibilities of virtual worlds for teaching and learning.


Then, on Wednesday, Louise (supported by Clara, with input from Hamish and a few of the IDGBL students) introduced a group of on-campus attendees to the wonders of World of Warcraft – one of the participants posted this excellent recap of the event.

These events, designed and led by programme participants, are a great example of the sorts of contributions to the life of the University that Digital Education participants make. We welcome ideas for sessions for next year’s Innovative Learning Week!

EUSA teaching awards – nominate us!

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Many of you will have seen that the student union are now requesting nominations for the annual teaching awards. It means a lot to members of the programme team to get your individual nominations, and we’ve had nominations for the programme as a whole every year since the scheme began. So if you’re enjoying your studies with us, please consider making a nomination! You can nominate in the following categories for this programme:

The teaching awards nomination page is here – please help support the programme by giving us your good word!