A glitch when logging in.

update 13 September: the glitch is fixed!

hi everyone! I wanted to describe the main glitch we’re experiencing with the new site at the moment, and explain the workarounds until we can get it fixed.

The glitch is that sometimes when you log in using the ‘login with EASE’ link on the home page, you end up at a blank page. We haven’t yet been able to solve this, but there are 2 workarounds.

1. when you get the blank page, just navigate back to the main page of the site, and you’ll find yourself logged in and ready to go. If you navigate back using the ‘back’ button on your browser you may need to hit the refresh/reload button to see your logged in state.

2. before you log into the site, log in to EASE separately. When you then click the ‘login with EASE’ link on the home page, it will log you in without the blank page.

We will fix the problem as soon as we possibly can – in the meantime, thanks for your patience.


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