Edinburgh meeting 30 Nov, please confirm

If anyone still fancies meeting up on Tue 30Nov , please let me know. Reminders have gone out, but do post a reply to this post if you wish to go along. The venue is Biblos on Chambers Street/Nicholson Street at 6pm

see http://www.biblosedinburgh.co.uk/

I understand we are all busy with our blogs and readings, but a wee break might just be the answer to all our worries… 🙂

Christmas party in Second Life?

Had a great time at the Virtual Graduation day and got to see some ‘old’ friends but made me think about all the other people on the MSc course whom I haven’t met and lots of people I haven’t seen for a while. I suggested to ‘Frank’ (Fiona L) that we had an SL Christmas party and she advised me to post here.

Anyone fancy a get together?  We could dress up….!  Christmassy outfits and perhaps you expert SL builders could decorate an area of Holyrood Park with snow, holly etc?  Be lovely to get to know people across the course?

Could people suggest a day/evening in the week beginning 13th December?

Virtual Graduation – Join Us! :-)

Hello All,

The MSc team would like to invite you and your friends to the MSc in eLearning’s Virtual Graduation tomorrow, Thursday 25th, 15.00 GMT. The virtual graduation is held in Second Life with parallel live stream from McEwan Hall, Edinburgh. We use text chat to communicate. Instant Message Frank Lassard if you have any issues.

Location – Venue @Vue (just northeast of Holyrood Park).

Please make sure your QuickTime is up to date so you can watch the streamed event from McEwan Hall. All details regards updating Quick Time, playing media in Second Life, gesturing (applauding), chatting, taking pictures are on the Vue Wiki.

Hope to see you all there. Frank is dusting off his UoE tartan at the moment and building the virtual bar. Looking forward to it.

The Twitter Hashtag to follow/post to will be #edslgrad


PS. If interested, screen shots from Past Virtual graduations are available here.

‘Effective Course Design’ – update to the course delivery schedule for 2011-12

Hullo Everyone

Just to let you know there’s been a change to the course delivery schedule for next academic year (September 2011 to August 2012).  The course ‘Effective Course Design for E-Learning’ will be moving to Semester 1 .

This makes no difference to the upcoming semester for this academic year (September 2010 to August 2011). But it might make a difference for those who are struggling with the choice between Course Design and Online Assessment in the upcoming semester (January 2011) because you could do OA in January 2011 and then CD in September 2011.

So, the schedule for Course Design will be:

  • January 2011
  • September 2011
  • September 2012

For Online Assessment, it’s January 2011 and then January 2012.

An updated course delivery schedule is available at http://www.education.ed.ac.uk/e-learning/content.htm

In case you’re wondering, the reason for the change is two-fold.  Firstly, so folk don’t have to choose between the two courses (they are a popular combination!).  Secondly, so I don’t have too much on the go at once, since I tutor on both.  🙂