2 thoughts on “Information about Fees”

  1. Will todays vote in Parliament re increase universiry fee impact the fee structure at UoE from January 2011?

  2. One could answer that question at a number of different levels. But probably the easiest place to start in that this should have *no* implications. This recent vote relates to *undergraduate* fees – so nothing to do with us.

    The vote was also about *England*. It would be crazy to suggest that this will have no implications for Scotland, but decisions are still to be made by the Scottish Govenrment.

    But – the key – this is not about fees per se , but about the *proportion* of those fees what will be paid by the students themselves, and that to be paid but government.

    Again, because this about UG doesn’t mean that there will be no knock-on consequences for PG. But, at the moment, these could not, and should not, be speculated about.

    So – no implications for the moment, is my belief.

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