Welcome to new programme participants!

On behalf of the MSc in E-learning programme team, a very warm welcome to the Holyrood Park Hub to those of you who are starting on the programme next month! We hope you enjoy getting to know what we’re all about, and we look forward to working with you next semester when you begin your coursework.

This Hub is a place where students, alumni and teachers on the programme can network – as you can see there’s quite a lot going on. You can jump into conversations, or start your own – we’re a welcoming and friendly group (as long as we’ve been fed 🙂 ). You can also click on anyone’s name on the site to find out more about them. The technologies handbook gives some information about how to use the Hub and our Twitter hashtag (#mscel) – feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Finally, we are meeting up this evening (Monday 13 December, 7pm UK time) in Second Life for an end-of-semester festive celebration – if you’re familiar with Second Life and have an account already, do drop in and introduce yourself, and have a cup of virtual hot-chocolate (or something stronger).

8 thoughts on “Welcome to new programme participants!”

  1. Thank you Jen. I look forward very much to starting the course, and meeting everyone online. I am reading some of the books, and already learning a lot :). There are so many interesting issues to explore.

  2. I have problem to view second life website. It has been filtered by Iranian government! So bad it’s awful. I usually use AOL9.5 for filtered sites, but it seems that the website has conflict with AOL browser! I have to check other anti-filters.

  3. I love the Hub! Thanks for the SL invite… a shame I was a little late for it 🙁 If only it were 7pm Mexican time, and the hot chocolate could be on me! Looking forward to getting to know you all soon.

  4. ah, sorry we missed you, Daisy! Welcome, Chantelle – glad you’re finding the readings interesting. And Shiva – if your usual methods don’t work out, hopefully we’ll be able to help you sort something out so you can access Second Life next semester. I think others have had success with using the University’s VPN (Virtual Private Network). That’s something we could discuss in January.

  5. Hello all
    I haven’t used Second Life yet.. maybe if I’m snowed in over Christmas!! (seems likely)
    Busy with my new netbook right now that I bought with a year’s worth of Tesco points … hoping it will do for reading books and articles once I’ve got used to the software.

  6. Hi everybody, I am busy reading ahead as much as I can. Looking forward to getting started.

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