PISA 2009 Report

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I am just testing the different web-based tools for the “IDEL” course and I thought of writing about the PISA 2009 Report as a way of testing this Blog site.

In the last month, the PISA 2009 results have been widely spread and discussed in continental media (I wasn t in Scotland in December, so I cannot say). In particular, among Spanish educational institutions and organization, the report has raised significant controversy as the country rates  a very  low global position (481) in comparision with other State members such as Germany  (497), France (496) or Italy (486).

Although the report is not focused on elearning and ICT technologies, as most of us work in education, I thought that the report  may be insightful.

The executive summary can be downloaded at: http://tinyurl.com/6c3zuut

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