New Group Announcement

Bunkashitsu is a new group where we can discuss and ask questions about our cultural experiences. Invites have been sent out to some people, but if you didn’t get one, don’t let that stop you from joining. It’s a technical thing, where if you’re not on the group maker’s ‘friends’ list, you don’t show up on the invitations list, otherwise each and every one of you would have received one.  The group was created because many of us are curious about each other’s cultural experiences, and would like to learn more, but don’t want to digress too far off topic in our coursework spaces. Here is a space to learn more about each other.

2 thoughts on “New Group Announcement”

  1. Great idea, Bo. Looking at where people come from in this course I think we have a lot to exchange and compare.

    I grew up in Germany from an Italian father and a German mother, spent the first 20 years of my life in Germany and then moved to Italy after having toured/hitch-hiked Australia for 5 months.
    Many Italians ask me why I would live in Italy when I have the choice to stay in a much more organised country like Germany. It is hard to give a satisfying answer, as many of the things I like about Italy are “feelings” connected to people and the social network I have. And I think I would not have had the life I have, the experiences and possibilities in an other country. Or maybe it doesn’t depend on the country but on me and my never being satisfied to know, learn, experience and see 🙂

    So what do you like about your country of residence? And what would you change?

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