ESRC Doctoral studentships in Scotland

If anyone is thinking ahead to PhD, ESRC doctoral awards are now available in Education here at Edinburgh and across Scotland, via the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science. See more at:

Deadline is 3 May. Anyone considering going on to PhD in this or later years should have a chat with one of the programme team about their ideas and plans.

6 thoughts on “ESRC Doctoral studentships in Scotland”

  1. I might be interested in a PhD in 2013 – is that too far ahead? It would be in the area of technology in the classroom, probably game-based learning so would that be under Education or Science, Technology and Innovation?

  2. I’m in the same boat as Noreen. I might be interested after the MSc’s finished so theoretically September 2012.
    A few other questions though – can you do a PhD part time? can you do it at a distance like the MSc?

  3. The funding this year would be for 2011 starts so you’d be looking to be thinking about applications at the end of next year Noreen, and at the end of this one Emma. You can study part time with ESRC funding though I believe you have to make a case for doing it. At present the University does have a residency requirement for PhD students but it’s possible that might change.

    Azra – ESRC funding is for UK and EU only I believe, but there are other international scholarship opportunities – take a look at the University’s scholarships search page:

    The other thing to bear in mind is that all funding for PhD scholarships is extremely competitive!

  4. Hi Sian

    I’d love to do a PhD, along the lines of my IDEL10 essay, the tension between digital and organic imagery, and how we learn, adapt, develop our knowledge, society…. I’d be interested in a part-time option, but would prefer doing it fulltime if I could cope with the finances at home… I guess will not be until 2012-13…

    Any advice most welcome.

    thanks, Gina

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