Conferences in elearning – UK based and internationally

Hi All,

I  have been considering my CPD in the last few weeks and been looking at conferences held both in the UK and Internationally. 

I just wondered if anyone had any views on the conferences out there? Are any better than others? Have people presented at any particular one that are reowned for high quality research?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Conferences in elearning – UK based and internationally”

  1. Like Sandra mentions, the Elearning Portal is a very good website to find events and conferences.

    There are several events this year around learning technologies and education in Barcelona and Paris (and your stomach will probably thank you for it).

    However, if you prefer the sort of shaggy and cold sandwiches thing :-), the ALT annual conference is a very good one.

    The annual PLE conference will also take place this year in England.

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