Virtual Graduation, 4th July ’11

Virtual graduation in Second Life will take place: 3pm (BST), Monday 4 July at Venue @Vue:

All are welcome in Second Life! Follow on twitter as well – #edslgrad

The virtual graduation event will be an opportunity to watch the ceremony together live in Second Life, to support all avatar graduands (we expect 5 graduands this year), and to celebrate the graduation with other students and some of the programme team.

If you would like to attend then please do let Fiona Littleton ( know. Please include your avatar name in the email confirmation as well.

Please do prepare in advance. A new release of Second Life may need to be downloaded. Quick time needs to be up to date. And you may want time to choose your graduation outfit as well! Contact Fiona if you need advice on outfits or if you need Lindens!

Detailed information about Virtual Graduation is available online at:

I hope you will join us.


Two Upcoming Free Events: RepoFringe11 and #GECOhealth

This is a bit of slightly shameless promotion! I’m involved in organising two events in Edinburgh in August that may well be of interest to many here as both relate to collaboration, technology and learning in different ways:

The first is an event on open source, geo and health and the ways in which these areas overlap. Anyone working in health or health education will realise how important geography can be in health education and promotion work, epidemiology, etc. Myself and colleagues on the #jiscGECO project are keen to see how open source and open geo data in particular connects to health and are therefore holding a free workshop in Edinburgh on 9th August to explore these issues. More information on our blog and booking form here:

We’ll also be holding some further geo related events for the GECO project across the UK – if you’d like more info on these as they are announced do drop me an email:

The second event is the Repository Fringe 2011 unconference (#rfringe11) and takes place in Edinburgh from 3rd-5th August 2011 at the Informatics Forum of the University of Edinburgh. This is always a really fun look at all ideas and issues around repositories and how repositories are in use in the academic sector – for teaching and learning materials, for research materials, for publications, etc. It is free to attend (booking form here) and there are always opportunities to contribute to the programme so if you’d like to take part (in person or virtually) then please get in touch. You can email myself or the official email address for the event:

Both events will include a lively amount of blogging, tweeting and repofringe should also be videoed for viewing online afterwards so I’d be excited to see any fellow MSc-ers along in person or online to join in the discussions.

Huge thanks for reading this far and have a super summer all! 😉

– Nicola.

Pre-graduation gathering

Coming up from Sheffield for the day – so for those of you (like me!) who can’t make Mon 4th July – either graduation or the get together after, we are meeting at Peter’s Yard, on Sunday 3rd July starting at about 4.30 – 5.00 for coffee and cake – well that’s me (Noreen Dunnett), James McLuckie and possibly Michael Gallagher, with our partners. If you’re in Edinburgh on Sunday afternoon and fancy coming along, leave us a note here and we’ll look out for you and try not to eat all the cakes before you get there!

Update on post-graduation gathering

Dear all,

I’m happy to confirm arrangements for the E-learning gathering (proposed in my earlier post below) to coincide with this year’s Graduation Ceremony. Based upon ideas and suggestions, this will take place after graduation concludes, as follows:

5pm on Monday 4 July at 56 North, Edinburgh EH8 9JP.

I have booked a space for 20 people at 56 North (based upon suggestions following my earlier message) although we have the option of increasing this as numbers demand. I haven’t booked food, although this can be done individually once there as desired.

Thank you to everyone who has demonstrated their intention to attend (12 of us so far including students, staff, alumni and others associated with the course). If you’d like to come along it would be great to see you – to reiterate, this is open to anyone with a connection with the E-learning course, not just those who will be graduating. If you would like to come along (and haven’t already been in touch) I would be grateful if you could e-mail me at, ideally by Monday 27 June, in case I need to increase numbers.

James (s0900191)

P.S. I appreciate that geography and other factors will prevent many of you attending however I have promised to take a couple of photographs for the benefit of those who would like to be able to put a face to the name/avatar.