Pre-graduation gathering

Coming up from Sheffield for the day – so for those of you (like me!) who can’t make Mon 4th July – either graduation or the get together after, we are meeting at Peter’s Yard, on Sunday 3rd July starting at about 4.30 – 5.00 for coffee and cake – well that’s me (Noreen Dunnett), James McLuckie and possibly Michael Gallagher, with our partners. If you’re in Edinburgh on Sunday afternoon and fancy coming along, leave us a note here and we’ll look out for you and try not to eat all the cakes before you get there!

One thought on “Pre-graduation gathering”

  1. Would be great to meet you and Michael in person but sadly I’ll be in London that weekend. James, will you send warm and cakey Edinburghish hellos from me? 😉

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