2nd Global Conference: Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I would like to draw your attention to the above conference, which will be held in Prague from 12-14 March next year. The call for papers has just been published and can be found here.

The conference is part of a programme of research projects organised by Inter-Disciplinary.Net under the subject umbrella, At the Interface. It aims to bring together people from different disciplines to share ideas and engage in dialogue within a community of practice, learning and inquiry. The conference, which is intimate in scale, offers a unique and rewarding learning experience that larger conferences find difficult to emulate. It’s also a great place to cut your teeth if you’re nervous about presenting a paper at a conference! Do please consider submitting a proposal for a paper.

On behalf of the conference steering group, we look forward to receiving your abstracts and to seeing some of you in Prague next year.

Best wishes


Second call for the MSc in E-Learning Dissertation Festival

Hi All

I’m sending out a second call for folk who might be interested in participating in the Dissertation Festival (the week of Monday 8 August).

I know for my own dissertation that having a chance to present on it and talk through the ideas with others made a real difference – it gave me new perspectives, helped solidify arguments and brought a clearer structure to my argument.  So, if you are interested or considering it but want to know more – get in touch with me clara.oshea@ed.ac.uk

For those who aren’t at the dissertation stage, but eager to check out what others are doing:

  • The Festival will held entirely in Second Life on the week of Monday 8 August. (You can take a quick peek at the building in process at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vue%20South/191/58/24 but we won’t have student posters etc up until the Festival start date.)
  • You will be able to pop by Second Life anytime during that week and view posters, presentations and haikus (there’s even a space to leave comments for the authors).
  • We’ll have some synchronous events that week including:
    • Monday 8 August at 4pm (UK time): champagne, poster viewing and a q&a session in Second Life with tutors about the dissertation process (including end of dissertation issues for those about to submit).
    • Presentations from current dissertations students – also in Second Life, using a combination of voice and powerpoints, also located in our fab festival space. (Exact dates and times coming soon!)

Thanks to all who have got in touch with me so far – I’m really excited to see how the Festival  goes!


‘Summer’ reading

A couple of new book recommendations to enjoy while watching the rain fall…

Selwyn, N. (2010) Education and technology: key issues and debates. London: Continuum

Ellis, R. A. and P. Goodyear (2010). Students’ experiences of e-learning in higher education : the ecology of sustainable innovation. New York: Routledge

These are particularly good introductory texts for new students joining us in September. Both are also, I believe, available for Kindle.

« Older Loading Newer » » « « » Are you a researcher, do you want to be paid up to £3000 a year to attend conferences?

For those of you who, like me, couldn’t attend any conference out of Scotland this year, this is our opportunity:

If you use software in your research and you have a good understanding of what’s happening in your field (and an idea about what will be happening soon) then the Software Sustainability Institute want to hear from you. The institute will pay researchers from any discipline up to £3000 a year to attend conferences and report on the latest developments in their field.

Interested? Visit www.software.ac.uk/agents to find out how to apply.

Closing date: 8 August 2011

The Software Sustainability Institute is funded by the research councils to help researchers use and develop software for their research. To better understand the fields that most need our help, the institute are setting up a network of Agents. Working as an Agent, you will receive travelling expenses in return for a short report about the conference you attended, the people you met and your views on the topics that look most promising in the future.

The benefits:

* Up to £3000 a year to attend the conferences and events that you want to attend
* Your advocacy will ensure that your field benefits from the best support for software development
* Add world-leading researchers to your professional network
* Free attendance at training events for new tools and technologies
* If you develop code, improve your knowledge of effective techniques for developing sustainable software
* A great addition to your CV

You don’t have to be a professor or a Principal Investiga


Congratulations again to everyone who graduated from the programme earlier this week.

Fiona has put some pictures from the virtual graduation up on Flickr – it included fireworks displays, chat, and virtual cocktails as well as rounds of applause from students graduating in ‘real life’ and group enjoyment of the ‘real life’ graduation ceremony stream. Many thanks to Fiona for orchestrating the virtual event, and congratulations to our virtual graduates Wray Bourne, Esso6thHeaven, Viktorius Flux, Elia Holmer and Nigel Madeye.

Hamish, Rory and I were at the ‘real life’ graduation and it was terrific to see Michael Sean Gallagher, Gerard Remkes, Riah Jones, Angelos Konstantinidis and James McLuckie getting doffed on the head with John Knox’s trousers and to meet everyone in the pub afterwards – many thanks to James Lamb and Sharon Boyd for organising that.

Overall, a very proud day, online and off!