Congratulations again to everyone who graduated from the programme earlier this week.

Fiona has put some pictures from the virtual graduation up on Flickr – it included fireworks displays, chat, and virtual cocktails as well as rounds of applause from students graduating in ‘real life’ and group enjoyment of the ‘real life’ graduation ceremony stream. Many thanks to Fiona for orchestrating the virtual event, and congratulations to our virtual graduates Wray Bourne, Esso6thHeaven, Viktorius Flux, Elia Holmer and Nigel Madeye.

Hamish, Rory and I were at the ‘real life’ graduation and it was terrific to see Michael Sean Gallagher, Gerard Remkes, Riah Jones, Angelos Konstantinidis and James McLuckie getting doffed on the head with John Knox’s trousers and to meet everyone in the pub afterwards – many thanks to James Lamb and Sharon Boyd for organising that.

Overall, a very proud day, online and off!