Come to the MSc in E-Learning’s Dissertation Festival

Come one, come all to the MSc in E-Learning’s Dissertation Festival – running all this week!

The Dissertation Festival is being held on our special Festival Island in Second Life at

The Festival is a chance for students on the MSc in E-Learning programme to share their thoughts on their dissertation in the lead up to their submission date.  It’s a place for sharing ideas, issues and inspirations with each other.

View and feedback on student work

When you visit our island, you will find four groups of boards – each group relates to one student’s work – a poster capturing some key aspects of their dissertation, a powerpoint presentation that they will give as part of the festival, and a haiku neatly (and poetically!) summarizing their topic.

There is also a board next to each for you to leave comments.  Feedback is greatly welcomed and will help our students refine their ideas as they grapple with the challenge of writing up their research.

Synchronous events

As well as having posters, presentations and haikus on display, we are also holding a few synchronous events.

A champagne viewing of posters and question and answer session with tutors on the end-of-dissertation process.  This a text-based event will be held Monday 8 August at 4pm UK time (8am SLtime).

Two voice-based presentation sessions where students will discuss their dissertations:

Tuesday 9 August 8pm UK time (12noon SLtime)

  • Jim Gritton will present on the use of e-learning to develop “soft” leadership skills on MBA and masters-level leadership programmes – ‘To blend, or not to blend, that is the question!’
  • Masniza Sore will present on information and study skills.

Thursday 11 August at 8pm UK time (12noon SLtime)

  • Andy Miller will present on the attitudes, knowledge and understanding of e-learning by postgraduate Haematologists.
  • Jeremy Knox will present on educational research and posthumanism, reviewing the existing literature.

Please remember to:

1.    Update your Second Life viewer prior to any synchronous event

2.    Bring headphones along, if possible, to the voice-based presentations to help cut down on any audio distortions

See you at the Festival!


7 thoughts on “Come to the MSc in E-Learning’s Dissertation Festival”

  1. Looking forward to it Clara – am sure it will be excellent. Hope that lots of people take time to attend either synchronously or asynchronously (and leave feedback).

    Any technical issues with Second Life viewer upgrade, leaving feedback or using voice then do feel free to contact me directly and I will help how I can.

  2. Hi there

    Trying to connect from the uni campus and experiencing problems (the connection is too slow, the system keeps crashing) so it seems I might not be able to attend. Any chance I can view the haikus later – are you sharing pics anywhere? Are the sessions going to be recorded? That would be so useful for those who cannot attend. Thanks. Ania

  3. Hi Ania

    The posters, powerpoints and haikus are all staying up in Second Life for the week (probably longer). Each student’s work is labelled with their name and SL avatar name, so you can then either leave comments on the board next to their work or send them an IM with feedback.

    I’ll get a flickr stream going with screenshots aplenty later in the week. I have been snapping away like crazy. 🙂



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