Tom Boellstorff – Live in Second Life!

Tom Boellstorff​ will be chatting to educational researchers (of virtual worlds) on December 1st 4pm GMT.

Tom is a Professor in the Dept of Anthropology, University of California, Irvine and also Editor-in-Chief of American Anthropologist, Journal of the American Anthropological Association​. The SLurl is:

This will hopefully be of interest to those that have read his book “Coming of Age in Second Life​: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtual Human”, a chapter of which we use as core reading on IDEL Week 4.

2 thoughts on “Tom Boellstorff – Live in Second Life!”

  1. Thanks for the link Fiona, it was really interesting to hear Tom speaking. He talked about his research in to SL and also mentioned a forthcoming Handbook he has been co-authoring about doing effective research in SL. Should be published next June or July.

  2. Oh great tip regards the “handbook for effective research in SL” – will keep an eye for that – or of course you can post a link here on the Hub if you see it first!

    Am glad it was an interesting talk – I was very disappointed to have a conflicting event I couldn’t change.


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