New Group for Science Educators

Hi Everyone

I’ve created a new group for anyone involved with , or just interested in science education and technology.

Inspired by the discovery that three of us in the Games Based Learning course are Physicists – but ofcourse open to anyone from any science based discipline.  I know at least one tutor would claim that includes psychology 🙂

9 thoughts on “New Group for Science Educators”

    1. Claim: a statement that is thought by some people to be true, but that may turn out to be false…

      Sounds about right to me! 🙂

      I like the idea for this, I need to prep some online courses for physics, which should be fun for a relapsed chemist…

    1. welcome to the group Julian – all types of Chemists welcome, relapsed, practising or aspiring! What on-line Physics courses are you involved with? Sounds interesting….

  1. Anna,
    I am working on how to teach the SAT Physics subject course to (principally) Japanese high school students.
    I do it face to face now, but need to be able to offer it online.

    It’s mostly a vocabulary issue, most of the students have a better grasp of the actual physics than I do! I keep hoping to get one who wants to do the chemistry, but alas, all is physics, and advanced math …

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