What do you like about the MSc in E-Learning?

We’re creating a new public website for promotion/recruitment and would love to include some short pop-up quotes from current students and alumni.  Drop me a line if you want to tell prospective students what the programme has meant for you.  Christine.Sinclair@ed.ac.uk

7 thoughts on “What do you like about the MSc in E-Learning?”

  1. Emma – very happy to have public comments. It’s in keeping with what you’ve said too! I’ve also received some private ones, but thanks for starting this off. Anyone else?

  2. I felt the course was a second chance to engage with academic learning in a supportive, stimulating and engaging environment after a fairly mediocre educational experience to date.

    When I did a master’s degree straight out of university, in my twenties, I struggled to engage or extract anything meaningful from the course. I felt that I had reached my intellectual ceiling. After being accepted on MscEL, I discovered I had much more intellectual potential than I thought and felt liberated by this. I plan to go on to do a PhD now – that would have been unthinkable before this course.

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