Calling E-L Alumni

The programme team is planning an “alumni seminar” event for 21 February, 19:30-21:00 UK time. All students, teachers, alumni and friends are invited, of course (details to follow here on the Hub). The plan is to hold the event in Second Life, with speakers presenting using voice and powerpoint slides. It’ll be much like a conference presentation, with an opportunity for questions and discussion after each talk.

We have two great talks lined up – both from recent graduates of the programme – and are looking for a third presenter. So, if you’ve graduated from the programme (with any award) and have something you’d like to talk about for 20 minutes that you think would interest the group – an e-learning development you’ve been working on, a research paper you’ve recently given or are planning, or an idea you’d like to share – please email me this week – .

There’s just one speaking slot available for this event, but if interest is high we may schedule another one for later in the year.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


4 thoughts on “Calling E-L Alumni”

  1. Hi Jen

    I would have been interested except that I teach until 8pm on a Tuesday evening ☹. I would certainly be interested in presenting something at a later event. I’m currently working on a paper on the future of learning in virtual worlds in 20 years’ time, which draws from futures studies. I’m going to be presenting it in Prague in March but I’m sure it could bear a second outing.

    Best wishes


  2. hi Jim – that’s great – I definitely think this is something we might do from time to time, so I’ll keep you informed. Your paper sounds very cool – any chance you could send me a copy when it’s done?

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