organise your pdfs

The best system I’ve found for keeping track of all those research papers is

It has a website where you can store all your pfds and organise them, and also a desktop program which can automatically find files you’ve downloaded and import them.

The best feature is the bibliographic export function that exports the information in several different formats (APA etc) so it’s easy to add to your reports.

3 thoughts on “organise your pdfs”

  1. Mendeley is indeed a useful tool. Although I think that one does have to have a concern about copyright issues; that one doesn’t inadvertently share a paper to which one only has individual reader access. Just give an eye to :

    I would also add (for the Mac users) Papers; which I would describe as “iTunes for PDFs”. It is a very powerful reference manager, PDF archive, and resource discovery tool, all rolled into one. But it does *cost*.


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