21 February – Special MSc E-learning Seminar Event in Second Life

Come one and all to hear three of our MSc E-learning graduates talk about their work and research since completing the programme. All students, alumni, tutors, friends and colleagues are invited to Holyrood Park Point (previously known as Festival Island) in Second Life for what promises to be a really exciting seminar and discussion event. The topics being discussed include smartphone course design, student engagement with blogs and e-portfolios, and the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement.

When: Tuesday 21 February, 7:30-9pm UK time

Where: Holyrood Park Point in Second Life, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vue%20South/191/58/24

Full details and speaker info is on the events page. Please let anyone you think would be interested in this know about it – all are welcome.

4 thoughts on “21 February – Special MSc E-learning Seminar Event in Second Life”

  1. Hi Jen, this sounds really interesting. Is there any chance of a video or audio recording, as I am away that week without access to a machine with a high enough spec to use Second Life.

  2. Hi Jacki and Jen:

    It would really be helpful if a recording could be made available. That’s day time my time and I am likely to be at work. I would be very interested, though.


  3. Hi Jen:

    I showed up in SL (calculated the time right!) and wasn’t able to get to the location. I kept getting a message telling me something or other was full. I really hope a recording can be made available. I’m particularly interested in Jeremy’s session on OERs.


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