Show us where you study!

As part of a research project the MSc in E-learning team are working on, which is looking at students’ study spaces and geographies (the New Geographies of Learning project), we’d like to invite you to send us a postcard from where you typically study  the MSc in E-Learning.

Befitting the nature of the E-Learning course however, we’d like you to submit a digital, multimodal postcard that gives us a sense of your study space. Our intention – with the encouragement of Sian and Hamish – is to collect the data from each postcard to create short videos that can be added to an E-Learning ‘class map’. You can get an idea of what we’re aiming for in this test map that includes postcards sent by different members of the Research Team.

Full details of what we’re looking for, including how to submit your postcard, can be found on here on our project website. Please help us make this map – and this project – work by posting your own study space!

Thanks for taking time to consider our request – we hope to receive your postcard in the near future.

James Lamb and Michael Gallagher

6 thoughts on “Show us where you study!”

  1. Good grief, I wasn’t envisaging hoovering – just putting some papers into one pile rather than sprawled out over the desk! (and tidying away the chocolate 🙂 )

  2. (Hmmm sure I just wrote a comment – seems to have vanished, but apologies if it appears twice.)

    You’ll have to have a photo of my study space in all it’s disarray to get the full effect, no tidying for me! It’s also likely there will be one of my cats in the photo, trying to ‘help’!

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