Our new promotional web site

The MSc in E-learning has a new promotional web site. Those already on the programme will know that our site is our key recruitment medium; the old one did us good service but had had its day! We’ve replaced it with this new one – it’s built in WordPress and gives a more contemporary picture of the content and culture of the programme.

Its design foregrounds the programme’s students much more than previously too, through the Twitter feed, the quotes and the galleries of student work.

Please take a look and let us have any feedback by commenting on this post or by emailing us – we’d really welcome your input.


6 thoughts on “Our new promotional web site”

  1. The environments tab seems a great improvement, much clearer (makes me want to do the game-based learning module too now)…. I also liked the way the student gallery gives the option of selecting by module and year.
    And I do like the rabbit at the top 🙂 (seasonal too!)

    The only thing I would say is that perhaps for the student testimony occasionally the same person is listed twice on the same page, but I guess that was pure coincidence?

  2. Thanks Gina. Yes, it’s randomised so sometimes that happens – it’s a bit annoying but seems to happen fairly rarely – good point tho….

  3. Hi Sian:
    For me, the website is easier on the eye in terms of navigation. Being a true Caribbean person, I guess I was looking for sunnier colours, though. Interesting how that influences how I respond to websites. Love the rabbit!

  4. Thanks Charmaine. I see what you mean about the colours – we were trying to pick up on the University blue but it does mean it’s turned out rather formal and chilly-looking! Still, this is Edinburgh… : )

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