Soundtracking the MSc in E-Learning

Elektronisches Lernen Muzik is a sound project from the MSc in E-Learning that aims to explore, in an informal and inclusive way, how music accompanies, influences and inspires our digital learning spaces.

This project is being curated by James Lamb, Michael Sean Gallagher and Jeremy Knox, however it is open to anyone who has an interest in how music can shape learning. To begin with, we are inviting students, staff and other interested parties to share an E-Learning playlist, accompanied by some liner notes explaining the significance of the tracks. Once compiled, the playlists are added to our dedicated project site at:

It is our hope that as well as stimulating discussion, we might each take inspiration from the soundtracks of our fellow learners. We are excited to announce that our fifth and newest release – ‘Roots’ – has been compiled and mixed by Stephen Bezzina, a producer, DJ, record label owner and participant on the MSc in E-Learning.

So, if music represents a significant part of your learning space, we’ll be interested to hear from you. Or even better, why not share your E-Learning soundtrack with us?     @elernenmuzik