Course sites and environments open

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to a new semester!¬†For those joining us for the first time, it’s fantastic to have you on board. For those continuing on the programme – whether taking a course, working on your dissertation, or having a semester out – welcome back! The front page of the Hub is a place where anyone involved in the programme can post up news, events, and things of general interest to programme participants. Visit the “Blog posting area for the Hub” link to post something up.

For those taking courses this semester, you should find that you have access to your course environments, now, including Moodle, the new blog site, and everything else. There’s a new list of links in the lefthand sidebar which will take you directly to your course site (if you are enrolled and have permission to access it).

There’s a fair amount of new technology to get to grips with for both students and tutors this semester, so please do get in touch if things aren’t working as you expect or if you get stuck. The technologies handbook will probably come in particularly handy, and you’ll also find guidance¬†on using Moodle, including video tour, available within Moodle in the Student Help Course.

Have a wonderful semester, and contact your tutor, your supervisor, or me if you have any questions or things you need to raise.

come in, we're open