Testing the waters from Jamaica !!!

Hi All,

Please don’t mind me. 🙂 I love to test and try things. Loving the Hub already ! Its TGIF for work but I just couldn’t wait to dive in and experient al these cool social media !

I’ve been searching for a programme like this for a long time. A bit nervous (having some jitters)… Lovely ! It’s all about ‘e’.

The Caribbean


3 thoughts on “Testing the waters from Jamaica !!!”

  1. No need for nerves! Everyone’s lovely and the introductory course is pretty well scaffolded so you get a supported introduction to the technologies as well as the all-important thinking bit 🙂

  2. Hi Sharon!

    I beat you to it! I’m in Jamaica too! This year I will be doing my dissertation. I have really enjoyed this programme and I hope you will too.


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