Updated handbooks

As is sometimes the case, there have been a few changes that are now reflected in the online versions of our handbooks at


Your 2012/13 printed handbooks are still correct for most things, but the main changes are described below:

1. Programme handbook: updated to reflect the change in the way that distinctions are awarded (now on the basis of averages across the taught courses, plus the dissertation mark). In addition, the Postgraduate Common Marking Scheme bands have been updated to explain the borderline regulations for dissertations (which replaces a statement about minor modifications, which are no longer permitted by the University). Finally, there is an update to the Graduation section, which now notes that the face-to-face and virtual graduations are held once a year, in November (this has been the case for some time but the handbook didn’t reflect this).

2. Technologies Handbook: some changes to the Second Life section to clarify how and when work begins in this environment. A minor update to the Moodle section (a screenshot updated to show the courses list).

In both the programme and technologies handbook, the IS contact information has been updated – library help is now accessed through the main is.helpline@ed.ac.uk address.

3. Dissertation Handbook: has been updated to explain that submission due dates for each Board of Examiners are available in the programme Moodle site. The marks, grades and distinction information has been removed from the dissertation handbook and now refers to the Programme Handbook.

If any questions about any of this please let me know.