Reminder about three things!

Just a quick reminder about three things worth knowing about:

1. “Deeper than the eye can see” visual research event – you’re still welcome to join in tomorrow  – all the details are on the events page – let me know if you’d like to come and I will send you the link to Natasa’s video presentation and all the info you need for tomorrow!

2. Virtual graduation – is going to be absolutely awesome! Next Thursday (29 November), 11am (UK time). If you’re free, come and support our brilliant crop of graduates!

3. Course enrolment – if you haven’t yet enrolled for your January course (or let us know what you are doing, if not enrolling), please could you? The enrolment form link is at (and on the sidebar of the Hub). Along with what’s available on the programme web site about all the courses, there is also a little more information about E-learning and Digital Cultures in Sian’s recent Hub post.

Thanks, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Reminder about three things!”

  1. Hi Jen,
    I attempted to enrol but cannot access moodle – logged a call to fix it but still no joy.
    Will keep trying!

  2. hi Janet – not to worry! You may not get access to Moodle for a while yet, but you’ll be automatically enrolled for the Introductory course, so there’s nothing you’ll need Moodle for until the 7th of January anyway. Hope this helps!

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