Nominations for teaching awards open!

If you’ve enjoyed your semester on the programme, why not spread some festive joy by nominating us for one of the EUSA teaching awards?

You can nominate across several categories, including best feedback, teaching with technology, supporting students’ learning, best research or dissertation supervisor and best course.

We do get nominations every year, but we’re still waiting for EUSA to actually give an award to a distance, rather than on-campus, course. So help us build the pressure to make distance learning programmes like this one a central and core concern for student representation!

On another level, nominations mean a lot to the team, so if you’re tempted, please don’t hold back. You can nominate from the EUSA Teaching Awards site (you’ll need to log in with EASE.)

Name change – MSc in Digital Education

Current students have received an email about this recently, so this is an announcement aimed primarily at visitors and our alumni. In September 2013, the MSc in E-learning programme name will change to MSc in Digital Education!

In a fast-moving field like ours it’s important to try to keep up with the use of terms as they shift, and it’s our view that “e-learning” is a term that is going to become less representative than it is now of the diversity of our courses and areas of interest. As a team, we feel that the new name reflects the range of topics and ideas the programme covers.

The plan is to make a ‘phased’ transition so that our well-known and much loved “MSc in E-learning” name is published alongside “Digital Education” for a significant period of time.

So, if you start to see mention of this new name, don’t be surprised! It’s still us, and the programme remains the same (in a vibrant, dynamic way, of course!).

Thanks, all, and happy holidays.

email service migration news

new student email poster Hi everyone,

I hope you’re already aware of the changes to the student email service coming up in January 2013! The new service should be super, but…

Please be aware that as part of the final stages of migration to the Office365 service, incoming email on your student account will be delayed from 9am GMT Thursday 10th January 2013, and will be delivered by 9am GMT Monday 14th January 2013 into your new Office 365 mailbox.

For more news and information about the service change, please see