Those of you on the MSc programme who are interested in MOOCs (and that’s probably most of us!) might want to follow some of the activity that’s happening at the moment on our own MOOC, which launched on Sunday night. We have 40,000 participants on this 5-week course: quite a different style from this MSc programme!

You can see what the MOOC is all about from our Coursera page: https://www.coursera.org/course/edc

And you can get a sense of the activity by taking a look at the hashtag: https://twitter.com/#edcmooc

The course teaching team are also blogging the MOOC, so there will be new posts from us daily at: http://edcmoocteam.wordpress.com/

Students currently on the full MSc course ‘E-learning and Digital Cultures’ course will be working in the MOOC as teaching associates next week, so look out for contributions coming from them – we’ll make sure they are tweeted to #mscel so those who are interested can follow up.

Alumni Seminar Event & Innovative Learning Week

Update: details are now on the Events page.

The week of 18 February is the University of Edinburgh’s “Innovative Learning Week” – when all kinds of things happen all over campus and into the virtual beyond. Many on-campus programmes suspend their teaching for the week, and while we won’t be doing that, we do have some good stuff planned! Stay tuned for more, but to kick us off:

Wednesday 20 February 2013, 7:30-9pm, Alumni Seminar Event, Second Life

Join us in Second Life on the evening of 20 February  to hear two fantastic speakers (who also happen to be graduates from the MSc programme) talk about their latest project, research, or big idea! All are welcome – students, alumni, friends and colleagues, and anyone interested in the MSc in Digital Education programme and the sorts of things we get up to!

Alumni speakers are:

Michael Sean Gallagher: Mobile Material Texts: Composition in the Humanities and Legitimate Peripheral Participation

Nicola Osborne: “The course of online events never did run smooth”: lessons learned running the Will’s World Online Hack.

Moodle Discussion Forum for Dissertation Students

Hi Everyone

We have set up a moodle discussion forum for anyone who is currently working on their dissertation. The idea is that it will be a peer support forum where we can discuss ideas, get general advice, ask for feedback on questionaire design, post links to useful research etc etc. We hope that this will help dissertation students to connect to each other and to feel more part of the MSCel (or should that be MSCde) community.  There will be no supervisors present, so for more technical questions contact your supervisor directly.

If you are currently doing your dissertation and would like to have access to the forum, plese e-mail Jen: jen.ross@ed.ac.uk

If you’ve not used moodle before – you can set up the options to automatically e-mail you when there is a new post, so you don’t need to keep checking for messages.

The dissertation group here on the hub will continue to run, and is open to anyone who is interested in or preparing for their dissertation.



Semester begins! New email service is live.

hello everyone, it’s week 1, and semester formally begins today!

Continuing students have probably seen a lot of information in the past few weeks about the change to the University’s student email service – which went live today. So, you need to check today that you can get access to your student email. If you had a forwarding rule set up, you’ll need to reset this. Here’s how:

1. Log on to Office 365 https://www.office365.ed.ac.uk
2. Select ‘options’ in the righthand corner and view all options
3. Select ‘forward your email’ from right hand column
4. Enter the email address you want your student mail to forward to in the given box and select ‘start forward’.

I’ll be sending an important email to all students later today about fees for the 2013/14 academic year, so if you don’t receive this, it means you need to check your student email settings!

MOOC for TESOL + Technology

Hi everyone,

I hope all is going well in the new year / term.

I found this recently, and only just got round to posting it. It’s an online conference about integrating technology with TESOL – all online and free to join.

There are several interesting courses there you might be interested in. Sign up is until 14th Jan.