Semester begins! New email service is live.

hello everyone, it’s week 1, and semester formally begins today!

Continuing students have probably seen a lot of information in the past few weeks about the change to the University’s student email service – which went live today. So, you need to check today that you can get access to your student email. If you had a forwarding rule set up, you’ll need to reset this. Here’s how:

1. Log on to Office 365
2. Select ‘options’ in the righthand corner and view all options
3. Select ‘forward your email’ from right hand column
4. Enter the email address you want your student mail to forward to in the given box and select ‘start forward’.

I’ll be sending an important email to all students later today about fees for the 2013/14 academic year, so if you don’t receive this, it means you need to check your student email settings!

10 thoughts on “Semester begins! New email service is live.”

  1. I’ve tried to set up My Site but it says “There has been an error creating the personal site. Contact your site administrator for more information.” – I’m using Mac 10.7 and Firefox v14. I’m really keen to use the Web Apps, as I currently have Open Office but it’s not entirely compatible with .xls file types. Do you know of any issues with the team sites, or is it just not ready yet?

  2. I can access my e-mail ok, but I don’t seem to have an option for ‘forwarding mail’ under the options menu – or anywhere else that I can see. Another thing for the help desk to advise on I guess!

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