Come to the MSc in Digital Education’s Dissertation Festival!

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Come one, come all to the Dissertation Festival!

Monday 2 June – Friday 6 June, 2014

The Dissertation Festival is being held in our programme wiki space at and in Collaborate.

The Festival is a chance for students on the programme to share their thoughts on their dissertation in the lead up to their submission date.  It’s also an opportunity to hear tales from alumni, tips from tutors and ideas from peers on how to survive and thrive through the dissertation process.

The Festival is a place for sharing ideas, issues and inspirations with each other.

All programme participants and alumni are very, very welcome!

View and feedback on student work

If you can’t make it to the synchronous sessions, you can still view students’ presentations and leave comments through the wiki (from Monday 2 June, those spaces are still under construction just now!). Feedback is greatly welcomed and will help folks refine their ideas as they grapple with the challenge of writing up their research.

Synchronous events

We  have two events with alumni and tutors looking at:

  • Surviving and thriving through the dissertation process (Monday 2 June 8pm-9pm BST)
  • Writing up and daring to be multimodal (Tuesday 3 June 8pm-9pm BST)

We also have two sessions chock full of students’ fascinating work on topics ranging from identity formation, collaborative authoring, art experiences, ideas of community and promoting reflection on learning.

  • Work in progress dissertation presentations on Thursday 5 June (8pm-9.30pm BST)

*Nicola Ashton – Using certainty-based marking in online professional development to promote more effective post-course reflection among nurses
*Sally Dawson – Building connections: investigating expectations and experiences in distance learning:  how do connectedness and community impact on the distance experience?
*Daisy Giles – Identity Formation of Novice English as a Foreign Language Teachers in Online Discussion Forums

  • Work in progress dissertation presentations on Friday 6 June (8pm-9pm BST)

*Charmaine McKenzie – How did participants’ experience on the OA11 wiki affect their views on collaborative authoring?
*Gina Fierlafjin Reddie – Are ‘Friends’ Electric: exploring social media spaces that locate and shape online art experiences

Find out more and sign up for these events at

Please remember to check you can access Collaborate for the synchronous events (a how-to is at )

See you at the Festival!

2 thoughts on “Come to the MSc in Digital Education’s Dissertation Festival!”

  1. Hi Clara, thanks for all your hard work on this, and to those who have agreed to present. I have signed up to attend sessions on Thursday and Friday, but would also like to hear the Monday and Tuesday ones. Unfortunately, I am away with work on Mon/Tues, will they be recorded?



  2. Aloha Jacki
    Yep, the two special events will be recorded. We’ll put the link to the recording up on the wiki page. If you’ve got any questions for the alumni or tutors at that event, post them on the wiki page beforehand and we’ll make sure they get asked.

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