Managing Yours Digital Footprint – A New Campaign

This new awareness-raising campaign is something that we should all – as students and teachers – pay attention to.  The issues that the campaign raises are no more relevant to us in the area of digital education than they are to any other citizens who have some presence in online social media.  The tracks and traces that we all leave behind can be profoundly influential in determining the ways in which we are perceived by others.  Although we – on the Programme –  will clearly have a meta-level interest in this topic, extending beyond the purely pragmatic.

The digital footprint campaign logoThe campaign is being led by Dr Louise Connelly, the Head of Digital Education in the University’s Institute for Academic Development, in collaboration with colleagues from various other parts of the institution, such as the Careers Service, Information Services and the Edinburgh University Students’ Association.  The campaign website already has links to a number of resources that will be of interest and use, and more will be added over time.  We should keep watching this particular space.


A summer round of Teaching Award nominations

Greetings! I’ve been asked to draw attention to this summer round of teaching award nominations. If you’d like to nominate a Digital Education community, tutor or supervisor who has had a positive impact on you over the summer months, you can do this before 31 August at .
During August EUSA is opening up its teaching awards for nominations to recognise all the staff who teach and support students beyond the end of Semester 2. The Awards recognise staff who are committed to promoting an excellent, vibrant, and varied learning and teaching environment at the University.  The nominations highlight the excellent work of those who teach and support students and supervise dissertations over the summer. EUSA is accepting nominations for this period until 31 August, and will re-open nominations for the new academic year this autumn as usual.
The nomination process has been streamlined so there are now eight different Teaching Award categories. Every individual nominated for a Teaching Award receives a badge to demonstrate students’ recognition of their hard work, and to let students and colleagues see that they have been nominated.

MSc Digital Education “Virtual Open Day” Events

The  Programme will again be joining with one of the University-wide postgraduate “Open Day” events on Wednesday 27th August 2014.  There will be three informal meetings mediated by the University’s video conference system Collaborate.  My thanks to those students, alumni, and teaching colleagues who have agreed to join in the conversations on the day.

Interested onlookers to this blog from outside the Programme student community should regard this as our invitation to you to join in one of the meetings on the 27th, if you have questions about studying with us.  The meetings are spread across the day – 9am, 3pm, and 9pm BST – in hopes that everyone, from whatever time zone, will be able to find a convenient slot.

In addition, we would ask all of you – students, and our wider community of colleagues and supporters – to help us to publicise the events by Tweeting, or otherwise sharing the URL of the announcements page, along with suitably welcoming and enthusiastic messages.  🙂

Wednesday 27 August, 8:30pm: Dr Amy Collier on Radio Edutalk


Dr Amy Collier, director of digital learning initiatives at Stanford University, is visiting the University of Edinburgh at the end of August. She’ll be giving a talk on Wednesday 27th in the afternoon, if anyone is in the area and would like to join us – more information here:

Of more relevance to most, though, is that Amy will be appearing live on ‘Radio Edutalk‘ – an internet radio station for educators and educational technologists – on the 27th at 8:30pm (UK time). All are welcome to tune in and participate. Amy will be briefly summarising her talk from earlier in the day – on the topic of ‘Reflecting on the “unbundling” of US higher education’, and will then be engaging in discussion and answering questions. All you need to do is click the ‘listen now’ link at the right time, and you can tune in!

I’ll be there – hope you can join us.