Managing Your Digital Footprint

digital footprintOn 29 September 2014 the ‘managing your digital footprint’ campaign launches. There will be various competitions (win a Kindle, book tokens and more), activities, workshops, resources and advice throughout 2014-2015, which will focus on how to create and manage a positive online presence (digital footprint).

you have found a foot image‘Find a foot’ competition
There are a number of ‘you have found a foot’ posters around campus. There are also a number of ‘you have found a foot’ images on various University web pages, Facebook pages and blogs.

Find at least 5 (all on campus, all online, or both) and enter the competition for an opportunity to win a Kindle*.  This blog includes the image, so only 4 more to find! Further details about eligibility, prizes, and submitting your entry: