Have you had a good semester? Make a teaching award nomination!

EUSA apples

The Edinburgh University Student Association teaching awards scheme is now taking nominations for this year – you can nominate for:

So if you’re enjoying the programme and think we’re doing a good job, please consider nominating us – it means a lot! There’s more info on the EUSA site here.

IDGBL past and present World of Warcraft Christmas battleground: Monday 15 December, 8pm

Current IDGBLers on the battlefieldHello everyone

This is a random and rather last-minute idea some of us in the games-based learning course had… we’re going to have a programme-wide, past and present IDGBL event in World of Warcraft.

On Monday 15 December at 8pm (UK time) we’re going to team up, get on Skype and tackle a battleground together.  We’ll be on our Alliance characters on the Thunderhorn realm, EU.  So if you want to come help take down the Horde, or, more likely, die lots of times and have a laugh then:

  1. Email me (clara.oshea@ed.ac.uk) and let me know your WoW name and Skype contact (I’m clara_oshea)
  2. Make sure you’ve updated your WoW software (there’s been an expansion this year, so there maybe lots of patches to download)
  3. Double check your computer can still run Skype and WoW
  4. Have your character at level 20 (or up to level 29 and capped if you have a full account).  The pvp battlefields are clumped in groups of ten levels, e.g. 10-19, 20-29 etc).
  5. Bring your headset!

I don’t know if we have any WoW players on the programme that haven’t done IDGBL, but if we do, please come along! The more, the merrier!

If you haven’t played for a while, or never done pvp, don’t fret – we’ll have a nice chat about what’s going to happen before we jump into the action. And it really is for the laughs and not the glory 🙂


happy holidays… but before you go… 3 things

hello everyone – well done to those who are finishing up courses and final assignments from this semester! And a warm welcome to those who are starting on the programme in January. And to everyone else, all of whom I’m sure have earned some time off from whatever you’ve been busy doing. From all of the team, happy holidays, when they come.

Three things to let you know about:

1. if you haven’t yet enrolled for your January course, please do so! You can find the enrolment form here: https://www.moodle.is.ed.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=131

2. Google Glass competition: Throughout January, the University would like to hear people’s ideas for using Google Glass – make a 3-minute video and you might have a chance to showcase your ideas to the University, or even to Google HQ. More info here: http://glass.ed.ac.uk

3. Teaching award nominations open: nominations for EUSA Teaching Awards have now been launched for 2014-15. There are eight categories designed to recognise and reward teachers  who are committed to creating a collaborative, innovative and vibrant learning and teaching environment at the University. If you would like to learn more or to nominate one of your teachers, courses or supervisors, all the info you need is here: www.eusa.ed.ac.uk/teachingawards

a note from Graduation, 28 November

Our 2014 graduation ceremony was held on 28 November, with graduates and team members celebrating in McEwen Hall in Edinburgh, and virtually in Second Life. It was a wonderful event, with many friends and family members joining in.

Those attending in McEwen Hall got to see the virtual graduation up on the big screen:

Virtual Graduation on the big screen. Photo by Douglas Robertson
Virtual Graduation on the big screen. Photo by Douglas Robertson

And graduates in the Hall and in Second Life heard their names called out by our Head of School (and fellow Digital Education participant!) Rowena Arshad:

(video courtesy of fabulous alumnus and colleague Austin Tate – full blog post)

Some fireworks:

Fireworks over virtual graduation

Here are tweets from some of our newest graduates:


One especially lovely new feature was the dissertation trees, designed by Marshall Dozier. Each of the baubles contains the abstract for one of our 2014 graduate’s dissertations. You can visit yourself any time to enjoy these. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vue/209/39/28

Dissertation tree, Digital Education 2014

Thanks to everyone who was involved in making the event such a wonderful success. Too many to list! But special thanks to Fiona Hale, Marshall Dozier, Andy Pryde, Stuart Nicol, and the University’s registry for making virtual graduation and live graduation work together so seamlessly.

Above all, thank you to our FANTASTIC 2014 graduates for their many invaluable contributions to the Digital Education programme over the years – don’t be strangers!