Meetings in Azeroth


wow_logo_shadow2It is the time of year for the participants on the “Introduction to digital game-based learning” course to spend some quality time in the world of Azeroth – in which is set the massively multi-player online role-play game World of Warcraft.  Any previous members of the course, or members of the programme in general with experience in World of Warcraft, would be welcome to join us.  The scheduled meeting opportunities are listed below.  Not all of these may be used, and other meeting times might be arranged.  But any who would like to join in should please be in touch with me directly ( and I will keep you informed about developments.

Please make this request known to any who might be interested.

Tuesday 6th October 8pm UK Time
Wednesday 7th October 3pm UK Time
Thursday 8th October 10am UK Time
Thursday 8th October 8pm UK Time

Light Be With You.

Join a Digital Education research project as student representative!

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join a Digital Education research project as student representative.

The project is titled the Learning Analytics Report Card (or LARC), and is working to develop playful, student-centred data analysis for Moodle. The research is grounded in the idea that learning analytics is usually a closed, institutional process, and is seeking to explore ways that students can participate in their own data capture and analysis, and so develop a critical awareness of the many issues involved in this emerging educational trend.

More information about the project will be available very soon!

We’re designing and building the LARC this semester, and would really like a student representative to join our advisory team.

We’re looking for someone with an interest in educational data analysis – not necessarily a technical understanding, but rather an interest in the broader issues of privacy, surveillance, automation, or artificiality surfaced by our increasing use of data in education. That’s hopefully most people on our programme 🙂

Responsibilities would involve around 6hrs of your time over the next 3 months, and all being well, should be enjoyable. This would not impinge on your study commitments to the programme. We’re looking for someone who, over the length of the semester, can:

  • help to gather views on data analysis from the programme cohort (via light-touch polling or Tweeting)
  • comment on design developments and ideas
  • attend an advisory meeting (either in person or online) towards the end of the semester

If you think that sounds like jolly good time, then send 100 words on why you think data is exciting, or not, to:

Happy New Academic Year

Postcards2CardsNewYearsResolution1915It’s great to be back!  And to those who’ve just joined us, it’s good to see you.  We hope you’re finding your way around your course sites and the Hub – and other spaces such as Twitter, where you’ll find existing students and alumni offering advice.  Thanks to all who’ve done that already.

it’s a hard job following in Jen’s footsteps. She has been a fantastic programme director for the past three years as many people have already observed.  She’s been a great help to me over this summer as I began to take over the role. It’s an interesting time to be programme director as the programme is 10 years old this year (more about this later).  And 9 years ago, in another life, I started as a student on IDEL myself. A lot has changed since then, but it remains a fabulous community of students, teachers, alumni and friends of the programme.  I hope you all enjoy your studies as much as I did!

Remember to keep checking into the Hub as there’ll be more announcements coming and lots of new ideas.  I’m sure that 2015-16 is going to be a year to remember.


Image: New Year’s resolution 1915.  Wikimedia Commons

Art Museums Online Survey

Browse art online, share your experiences and earn a reward for yourself or favorite charity

Have you ever been to an art museum and been really bored?
Are you an art fan who already loves art museums?
Or, do you have no particularly strong feelings about art museums?

If you ticked any of the above I’d love to hear from you.

For my final dissertation project on the MSc in Digital Education programme, I am researching user experience design to support informal learning activities at art museum websites. And I’m looking for participants for a survey about user experiences of art museums online.
If you’re interested please browse further details at:

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon!
My email is or you can find me on Twitter at @AmandaXThompson


Welcome (back) to the Digital Education Hub

Hello everyone – we hope you’ve had a good break.

We’re all looking forward to our new academic session which begins on 21 September. A special welcome to the new students who are starting then; do enjoy exploring the Hub and finding out about some of our activities here.  Log in with EASE to get full access to the site, including some of the links on the left.

The links to the Courses will be updated on 14 September, which we regard as the start of our orientation week.  You should be able to get access then to any you have signed up for.  For continuing students, if you still haven’t signed up, you should do that as soon as possible in the MSc in Digital Education Moodle site – or follow the link to Course Enrolment form in the left-hand column.  Course Design for Digital Environments is now fully subscribed. In the meantime, you might want to check out the handbooks for your courses, the Programme Handbook, and The Technologies Guide which have all been updated.

The Student-Staff Liaison Committee will meet in a few weeks – if you click on this link, you can see who is on the Committee and use the Discussion Forum to pass on messages.  More will be added to this soon.

We use this space to make announcements, tell you about interesting events, pass on messages. You can use it too.  See ‘Blog posting area for the Hub’.  There is guidance on how to do this in the Technologies Guide.

Happy September – and see you soon.

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