Happy New Academic Year

Postcards2CardsNewYearsResolution1915It’s great to be back!  And to those who’ve just joined us, it’s good to see you.  We hope you’re finding your way around your course sites and the Hub – and other spaces such as Twitter, where you’ll find existing students and alumni offering advice.  Thanks to all who’ve done that already.

it’s a hard job following in Jen’s footsteps. She has been a fantastic programme director for the past three years as many people have already observed.  She’s been a great help to me over this summer as I began to take over the role. It’s an interesting time to be programme director as the programme is 10 years old this year (more about this later).  And 9 years ago, in another life, I started as a student on IDEL myself. A lot has changed since then, but it remains a fabulous community of students, teachers, alumni and friends of the programme.  I hope you all enjoy your studies as much as I did!

Remember to keep checking into the Hub as there’ll be more announcements coming and lots of new ideas.  I’m sure that 2015-16 is going to be a year to remember.


Image: New Year’s resolution 1915.  Wikimedia Commons