Star in our MScDE SecondLife music video!


As part of our upcoming MScDE 10 year anniversary party, we’re producing a music video in SecondLife to accompany our live DJ set on the night (26th November 6pm-8pm – more to follow on the party itself!).

We’d like to invite all MScDE SecondLifers, whether you’re new to the programme or an old hand with your avatar. Simply come to the café in Holyroodpark at any of the following times and boogie with the best of us. We’re purposely aligning these sessions with IDEL week 7, so it’s a perfect opportunity to explore another side of your avatar! Music will be provided by MScDE student (and DJ) Stephen Bezzina.

A range of fabulous dance moves will be supplied, so all you need to do is turn up and ‘throw shapes’ to our dedicated Elernenmuzik programme soundtrack. Elektronisches Lernen Muzik is a project that grew out the MScDE a number of years ago.

We’ll have a number of cameras recording your twirls, bops, and rhumbas, and the footage will be used to produce a video intended to celebrate Holyrood Park. Check out a preview here. Our SecondLife space has been such an important part of the programme over the years, so do come and party like it’s … well, 1999.

Wed 4 Nov at 8pm UK time
Thu 12 Nov at 8:30pm UK time

Link to Holyrood Park here