Share snapshots and stories for our 10 year MScDE celebrations!

As you will know, on the 26th of November we will mark the ten-year anniversary of the MSc programme with a party at the Storytelling Centre in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. We want this to be a really enjoyable and fitting evening of celebration for everybody involved. With this in mind, we invite you to participate in two activities that will take place around the anniversary party.

Snapshots of your Digital Education spaces

Over the course of the week leading up to the party (from 19-26 November) we would like you to photograph any or all of the different places from where you connect with the Digital Education programme. The choice of language here is intentionally open to your own interpretation. We would like you to share these ‘snapshots’ in Twitter using the #mscdespace hashtag, with or without accompanying text as you wish. We’ve already got the ball rolling as you can see:

All the gathered images will feature in an evolving display during the Digital Education party, offering what we think might be fascinating (and lasting) insights into the different learning spaces that make up the Digital Education programme.

Digital Education stories in 140 characters or less

During the party itself we want to facilitate some interaction between those in the Storytelling Centre, and those present elsewhere. Between 6pm and 8pm (UK time) we will invite the sharing of ‘Digital education stories’ using the Twitter hashtag #mscdestory. Once again, we will leave it up to you to bring your own interpretation to bear on what a ‘Digital Education story’ might be. In order to encourage dialogue and interaction, the messages will be projected live during the party. While we are aiming for this to be a synchronous activity, if you are unable to participate at that time on the 26th of November then please do share your stories in advance using the same #mscdestory hashtag. In fact, some stories have already been submitted

Thanks for taking time to consider this request – join us in celebrating ten years of our MSc in Digital Education programme!