Teacherbot Takes Over ILW


Teacherbot is a Twitterbot developed for the E-learning & Digital Cultures MOOC as a way of automatically replying to student tweets with useful answers and resources. For Innovative Learning Week 2016 you will have the opportunity to develop Teacherbot on the theme of digital research methods. Not only can you contribute your knowledge about research methods in digital environments by writing useful responses to student queries, but you’ll also get to play with the concept of automation and programming for teaching and learning. You can decide what you would want a Teacherbot to do for you and make it happen!

Introductory workshops will be held on campus on Monday 15 February at 1.30pm and online at 3.30pm. These will introduce the world of Twitterbots and show you how to programme Teacherbot for yourself. You will be introduced to computational thinking and a simple “if this then that” logic. You won’t need any technical knowledge to operate Teacherbot, as the interface has been designed to make programming accessible to all. Once you’ve attended the workshop, the opportunity to develop Teacherbot will continue for the whole of Innovative Learning Week … but who knows what Teacherbot is planning for your future!

For the online workshop, book at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/teacherbot-takes-over-tickets-21347257221

Follow Teacherbot itself at https://twitter.com/digrmbot