JISC Summer of Student Innovation

grunge-928316_640JISC are looking for teams of innovative students (and we know we have some of these) with fresh ideas for technology to improve research, learning or student life.

We also hope to report soon on existing examples of successful innovation by our students. And if you have one you haven’t told us about, do get in touch.  We like to boast about our students and alumni!

For further information, see the news item from Information Services:


PhD studentships at the University of Dundee

We have been sent the following information which might be of interest to some students coming to the end of the MSc.  The deadline is very close.

The University of Dundee welcomes applications for six PhD studentships in HCI and Interaction Design, based across Computing and Art & Design. The deadline for applications is approaching soon on March 25th.

The studentships are fully funded for 3.5 years and are expected begin around September 2016:

– Co-creating citizen science for innovation  http://bit.ly/1TQqodo

– Makerspaces and sheds as sites for community and wellbeing   http://bit.ly/1PVaSpD

– Moving on: using computational creativity to represent interpersonal relationships and their endings  http://bit.ly/1ND4EJe

– ViBerAl project: novel prototyping tool and service for educational digital prototyping  http://bit.ly/1VupPmM

– VIVID (Visually Impaired Access to Visualized Data) http://bit.ly/1S5OHRn

– Wearable colour identification aids  http://bit.ly/22owEKZ

Application and eligibility details can be found here: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/study/scholarships-fees/scholarships/epsrc/

Mental Health & Wellbeing Services

Notice of a meeting on 16 March, 12.30-13.30 UK time

We have been asked to publicise the following message from Anne Marie O’Mullane in Academic Services.

A Thematic Review of Mental Health Services at the University will take place on the 15 and 16 March 2016. The Review will also cover the provision of wellbeing services at the University. Thematic Reviews form part of the University’s Student Support Service Quality Assurance Framework.

The Review Team has asked for a meeting with two – three ODL students who would be interested in providing feedback on the delivery of student mental health services and well-being services across the student journey at University of Edinburgh.

The meeting will be conducted via skype and will take place on the 16 March at 12.30 – 13.30.

The meeting is intended to be a “safe space” to have a conversation with students on their experiences of mental health and well-being services at the University.  Conversations will be confidential and general themes/findings will be drawn from conversations for inclusion in the final report. Sheila Lodge, Head of Academic Administration in MVM will convene the meeting.

The Review Team is made up of internal staff, external members from other institutions with direct experience in delivering mental health services and students.  See below for information on the membership of the Review Team.

If you are interested in participating you can sign up by emailing InternalReviewSupport@ed.ac.uk.


Membership of the Review
Mark Ames Director of Student Services, University of Bristol Mr Sam Dale, Deputy Academic Registrar, Durham University

Professor Allan Cumming, Dean of Students, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Thematic Review Administrator
Anne Marie O’Mullane, Academic Policy Officer, Academic Services

Dr Lisa Kendall, Director of Professional Services, School of Law Mark Wilkinson, Student Experience Project Manager Professor Judy Hardy, Professor of Physics Education Sheila Lodge, CMVM Head of Academic Administration

Andy Peel, Vice President Societies and Activities EUSA Jess Killeen