September’s courses are open!

window-1202902_640All September’s courses are now available in the links on the left hand side of the screen.  They all start on 19 September.

As well as checking out the guide for your own course, we recommend you take a look at the new version of the programme handbook and also the technologies guide. In the latter, there is new information about the University’s visual media asset management system Media Hopper.  Learn how to create, store and embed your own videos.  There is also information about Minecraft which is being introduced into IDEL.

For those on dissertation, the updated dissertation guide is there too.

You’ll soon be hearing from course leaders and personal tutors, if you haven’t already.  In a few days, I’ll post a message about the Student-Staff Liaison Committee – we’ve been told we’re only allowed 4 student reps (we had a lot more, but some are graduating shortly) so our recruitment will not be as fierce as we thought!  But we’d like everyone to feel they have a say.

If you have any problems accessing your course or handbook, just drop me an email at