Critical pedagogy in the age of digital education

Thursday 23 March

Professor Petar Jandric, University of Applied Science, Zagreb, CroatiaPetar

Petar will introduce the tradition of critical pedagogy through three generations, starting with the work of Freire, then writers such as Giroux and McLaren, and finally considering the latest generation of contemporary authors.   He traces their changing perspectives on the use of technology in relation to issues in digital scholarship and social justice.

Petar is a visiting ERASMUS scholar with us for a couple of weeks at the University of Edinburgh.  Petar is an educator, researcher and activist. He has published three books, dozens of scholarly articles and chapters, and numerous popular articles. Petar’s background is in physics, education and information science, and his research interests are situated at the post-disciplinary intersections between technologies, pedagogies and society. See more at his website:

Here is a link to Petar’s talk on Collaborate Ultra.  We had some technical problems with sound and had to swap laptops, so Hamish’s photo appears while Petar is talking.  (It is a lovely photo though!)  Thanks to everyone who attended – a great discussion.