Summer School in Academic Writing

Opened_up_a_Pandora's_box28 May – 17 June 2018

A tutor-led project for Wider Themes in Digital Education.

The summer school is also open to any students on the Digital Education programme. If numbers are very high, priority will be given to Wider Themes in Digital Education students who will be aiming to add the work to their portfolios for credit.

The Summer school in academic writing will run from Monday 28 May to Sunday 17 June 2018. The course aims to help students to understand relationships between academic writing and their own assignments. Participants are encouraged to bring a theme from one of their assignments or a topic from one of their courses that they would like to write up as a paper for publication. Though largely practical, the course will briefly consider: the role of genre in academic writing; commercial influences and open access; academic practices; disciplinary differences; changes brought about by technology; values and standards in academic writing.  The course will run entirely online in Moodle, with visits to academic journal websites. Students will engage in a range of structured writing activities along with the tutor, who will also run weekly optional synchronous sessions in Collaborate or Skype.

There is no charge for the summer school.

For additional information, or to sign up for the summer school, please contact Christine at

Image: Pandora’s box opened.  Frederick Stuart Church [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons