Call for Papers: When Virtual Reality Became a Reality | The Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds Project: 5th Global Conference

I am pleased to announce a call for papers and presentations at the above conference which will be held in Dubrovnik from 10-12 May 2015. The conference which will be of interest to anyone teaching, learning, training, researching, performing, doing business or socialising in virtual worlds, including gamers, game designers, virtual reality developers, and other virtual world users.

Given the explosion of interest in devices such as Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and even Google Cardboard, we are particularly keen to encourage presentations that address all aspects of virtual reality, including augmented and mixed reality, haptics, audio and other non-visual interfaces as part of a broader debate on experiential learning in virtual worlds. As it is such a diverse subject area, a definitive list of sub-topics is precluded, but the following are indicative of the kind of topics envisaged by this call for presentations, papers and workshops:

  • Arts and entertainment in virtual worlds
  • Assessment and evaluation in virtual worlds
  • Business and entrepreneurship in virtual worlds
  • Case studies of those who inhabit virtual worlds
  • Education, training and learning in virtual worlds
  • Evaluation of virtual world technologies
  • Gamification (and critiques thereof)
  • Identity, presence and self in virtual worlds
  • Interpersonal communication in virtual worlds
  • Leadership and team building in virtual worlds
  • Legal, ethical and moral issues in virtual worlds
  • Love, sex, friendship and work in virtual worlds
  • Mobile accessibility of virtual worlds
  • Play, fun, fantasy and horror in the virtual world
  • Research methods in virtual worlds
  • Serious games
  • Sociology of virtual worlds and the Metaverse
  • Technologies and innovative practice in virtual world-building
  • The dark side of virtual worlds
  • The future of virtual worlds
  • Therapeutic uses of virtual worlds
  • Transfer of learning from virtual worlds to the physical world
  • Types of virtual worlds
  • Virtual world usage in health, social care, counselling and psychology
  • Virtual worlds of the future
  • Virtual worlds used for corporate training
  • What are virtual worlds?

This is small, friendly conference characterised by inter-disciplinarity and collegial dialogue. If you would like more information about the conference or are thinking of submitting an abstract or proposal for the first time, please feel free to get in touch with Jim Gritton, Organising Chair (and erstwhile alumnus of the MSc in e-Learning!).

Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds – Call for Papers

Hello Everyone
For those of you interested in virtual worlds, a call for papers for the 4th Global Conference on Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds has recently been published and can be viewed here. The conference will be held in Prague from 22-24 March 2014. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to email me at
Jim (erstwhile MSc student)

3rd Global Conference: Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds

Hi All

A call for papers has just been announced for the 3rd Global Conference on Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds to be held in Lisbon from 7th-9th March next year. Despite its global epithet, this is a small, colloquium-style conference that is founded on interdisciplinary dialogue and cross-boundary research. The atmosphere is friendly and collegial, and attendance is by invitation upon acceptance of a 300 word abstract. There is more detail on the conference website, but if you have any questions, please contact me at jim dot gritton at gre dot ac dot uk.

We look forward to receiving an abstract from you.

Best wishes


2nd Global Conference: Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I would like to draw your attention to the above conference, which will be held in Prague from 12-14 March next year. The call for papers has just been published and can be found here.

The conference is part of a programme of research projects organised by Inter-Disciplinary.Net under the subject umbrella, At the Interface. It aims to bring together people from different disciplines to share ideas and engage in dialogue within a community of practice, learning and inquiry. The conference, which is intimate in scale, offers a unique and rewarding learning experience that larger conferences find difficult to emulate. It’s also a great place to cut your teeth if you’re nervous about presenting a paper at a conference! Do please consider submitting a proposal for a paper.

On behalf of the conference steering group, we look forward to receiving your abstracts and to seeing some of you in Prague next year.

Best wishes