Get together in London

Hello all
Nicola Ashton and I are planning an end of semester get together in London on 15th June at 5.30 ish and have picked Pizza Express in Baker Street as:
1) more or less equidistant between our two respective main line stations
2) a place I may have a chance of finding without getting lost…
(that’s the theory anyway)
…after some agonising over this, in the end we’ve just picked a random date we can both do and hope that it may be OK for one or two others. Even if it’s only for a quick drink, it would be great to meet some fellow Southerners and say hello!
This is where we’re going:

If anyone’s able to get to London and join us that evening that would be great.

You can contact Nicola at:
and me at


New group – information science people

I’ve set up this group after a few discussions with others – ¬†for those who are involved in (or interested in) the library world and information science. I wasn’t really sure what to call it , but hopefully this will do! Really it’s just another way of getting people together and meeting each other.

Hopefully anyone who is involved in this line of work or just interested in it will join in, and then we can share thoughts/experiences/ideas …