Calling E-L Alumni

The programme team is planning an “alumni seminar” event for 21 February, 19:30-21:00 UK time. All students, teachers, alumni and friends are invited, of course (details to follow here on the Hub). The plan is to hold the event in Second Life, with speakers presenting using voice and powerpoint slides. It’ll be much like a conference presentation, with an opportunity for questions and discussion after each talk.

We have two great talks lined up – both from recent graduates of the programme – and are looking for a third presenter. So, if you’ve graduated from the programme (with any award) and have something you’d like to talk about for 20 minutes that you think would interest the group – an e-learning development you’ve been working on, a research paper you’ve recently given or are planning, or an idea you’d like to share – please email me this week – .

There’s just one speaking slot available for this event, but if interest is high we may schedule another one for later in the year.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Calling all Language Teachers


Are you a language teacher using technology in your classes, or wanting to? Come and join the language acquisition and technology group in the Hub. The focus is on second language learning and technology, so please join and talk about your ideas and experiences.

If you are a second language learner/speaker (not necessarily a teacher) then you are also welcome to come and join the discussion with your insights into your learning experience.



Tweetdeck update and the tech handbook

hi everyone, and a very happy new year to you all! As is sometimes (too often!) the case, one of the environments described in the technologies handbook had a radical overhaul after the publication of the January 2012 version of the handbook! In this case, it’s Tweetdeck, the application we suggest you use to manage your Twitter account.

The online copy of the handbook has been updated, and you can access this from the handbooks page.

Those students joining us on the programme this semester will receive a printed copy of the handbook – this will have the old Tweetdeck instructions, which you can ignore. If you wish to print out and attach the newer instructions to your paper handbook, these are available here, as a PDF.

Apologies for any inconvenience! Happy tweeting. 🙂

Learning, spaces and technology: exploring the concept

The “Learning, spaces and technology: exploring the concept” is a publication aimed at anyone who has, or may be, engaged in creating, managing or supporting a large-scale learning space. It is not simply an account of the jointly funded JISC/CCCU iBorrow Project or the Augustine House Programme at Canterbury Christ Church University. Rather, it draws on our experience within the project to look and reflect on the issues surrounding the phenomenon of large-scale learning centres which have been a feature of estate development within UK Higher Education for more than a decade. Chapter 14 of the book draws upon my MSc in e-Learning dissertation: “Towards aligning pedagogy, space and technology inside a large-scale learning environment“.

This book is freely available as downloadable PDFs from:

E-assessment Scotland 2011

Hello I attended the E-Assessment Scotland 2011 last friday at the University of Dundee. I found it a very thought-provoking conference about the nature of assessment itself and what it does mean to be “assessed” in the Digital Age.

Here is the link to the key speakers’ presentations and workshops: