Teacherbot Takes Over ILW


Teacherbot is a Twitterbot developed for the E-learning & Digital Cultures MOOC as a way of automatically replying to student tweets with useful answers and resources. For Innovative Learning Week 2016 you will have the opportunity to develop Teacherbot on the theme of digital research methods. Not only can you contribute your knowledge about research methods in digital environments by writing useful responses to student queries, but you’ll also get to play with the concept of automation and programming for teaching and learning. You can decide what you would want a Teacherbot to do for you and make it happen!

Introductory workshops will be held on campus on Monday 15 February at 1.30pm and online at 3.30pm. These will introduce the world of Twitterbots and show you how to programme Teacherbot for yourself. You will be introduced to computational thinking and a simple “if this then that” logic. You won’t need any technical knowledge to operate Teacherbot, as the interface has been designed to make programming accessible to all. Once you’ve attended the workshop, the opportunity to develop Teacherbot will continue for the whole of Innovative Learning Week … but who knows what Teacherbot is planning for your future!

For the online workshop, book at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/teacherbot-takes-over-tickets-21347257221

Follow Teacherbot itself at https://twitter.com/digrmbot

Wikipedia Editathon – 16-18 Feb

wikieditCreating an Open Body of Knowledge  –  An Innovative Learning Week event

How does information get into Wikipedia?  Want to find out?  Join a group of people who are aiming to improve the quality of Wikipedia articles on the History of Medicine. You don’t need to know about the subject to participate – resources and training will be provided.

Unravel myths, discover truths and re-write the Wikipedia pages of Edinburgh’s infamous medical figures including gruesome body-snatcher William Burke and intriguing alumnus/a Dr. James Miranda Barry. Come join us for all the fun and gain digital skills, learn how to edit Wikipedia, explore our history and harness the power of the web for public engagement.

If you’re already a Wikimedian, we’ll send you further information to help you participate in the Editathon.  If you’d like to join in but haven’t done this kind of thing before, we can arrange an online meetup beforehand, point you to Wikipedia’s own resources on writing and editing, and talk you through the plans. I’ll be on hand during the event as a point of contact for distance participants, but we hope you will also be able to see and hear what’s going on as it happens.

So contact me if you’d like to get involved (Christine.Sinclair@ed.ac.uk). We’ll see who’s interested and then liaise with the face-to-face group so that we can join in.

TUESDAY 2pm -5pm; WEDNESDAY 10am-1pm & 2-5pm; THURSDAY 10am-1pm & 2-5pm.ALL WELCOME

Virtual Graduation 27 Nov 2015 – come one, come all!

Come join the celebrations!

We will have graduations for the School of Education, including our fab Digital Education students, on 27 November at 3pm.

As in previous years, we will be having a integrated virtual ceremony in Second Life. Please come join us to celebrate our graduates’ achievements, catch up with old friends, and have some fun!

Our virtual graduates will have their names called out in the Usher Hall along with images of our Second Life ceremony. The audience gathered in Edinburgh will applaud our virtual graduates along with those graduating in person, so it’s a very special integrated celebration.

We would be really grateful if you could put Friday 27 November at 3pm UK time in your diaries, and come along to the Virtual University of Edinburgh campus graduation space at Venue at Vue  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vue/209/39/28 to support the programme and be part of this wonderful celebration. All are welcome – current and prospective students, alumni, and friends of the programme.

Please try to arrive a bit early, and it’s worth checking, well in advance, that you can access SL smoothly. See the technologies handbook here https://www.wiki.ed.ac.uk/display/mscdetech/13.+Second+Life and here is some guidance for viewing media (we’ll be watching the live stream from Usher Hall)  http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_media . There’s a recorded video about artificial intelligence project available on the screen at at Venue at Vue so that you can test your media settings 🙂

Here’s a video of last year’s ceremony, courtesy of Austin Tate (thanks, Austin!)

There will be bubbly, there will be fireworks, there will be much to celebrate!

Meetings in Azeroth


wow_logo_shadow2It is the time of year for the participants on the “Introduction to digital game-based learning” course to spend some quality time in the world of Azeroth – in which is set the massively multi-player online role-play game World of Warcraft.  Any previous members of the course, or members of the programme in general with experience in World of Warcraft, would be welcome to join us.  The scheduled meeting opportunities are listed below.  Not all of these may be used, and other meeting times might be arranged.  But any who would like to join in should please be in touch with me directly (H.A.Macleod@ed.ac.uk) and I will keep you informed about developments.

Please make this request known to any who might be interested.

Tuesday 6th October 8pm UK Time
Wednesday 7th October 3pm UK Time
Thursday 8th October 10am UK Time
Thursday 8th October 8pm UK Time

Light Be With You.