Calling all Language Teachers


Are you a language teacher using technology in your classes, or wanting to? Come and join the language acquisition and technology group in the Hub. The focus is on second language learning and technology, so please join and talk about your ideas and experiences.

If you are a second language learner/speaker (not necessarily a teacher) then you are also welcome to come and join the discussion with your insights into your learning experience.



Call for help!

The University of Edinburgh is currently in the midst of a procurement process for a “Virtual Classroom Application”. As part of this process we would value some feedback on the product(s) from students/alumni. Many MScEL colleagues are involved in the procurement. Tomorrow, Tuesday 10th January, we will be testing one of the tendered products online and we would really appreciate an hour of your valuable time. Apologies for short notice.

We will run two sessions online within the system:
Tuesday 10th January 4pm – 5pm (GMT)
Tuesday 10th January 7.30pm-8.30pm (GMT)

We will provide a “testing script” to assist you with the testing and a link to a survey for gathering feedback after. The system uses Java and doesn’t take too long to set up (as long as you have access rights to the Java install required) – and you enter the virtual testing room via a URL. It would be ideal, but not obligatory, if you have a webcam, microphone and ear phones.

If you have time and can assist us then please RSVP directly to for the set up details, log in details and the testing “script” to assist you.

Thank you in advance,

Tweetdeck update and the tech handbook

hi everyone, and a very happy new year to you all! As is sometimes (too often!) the case, one of the environments described in the technologies handbook had a radical overhaul after the publication of the January 2012 version of the handbook! In this case, it’s Tweetdeck, the application we suggest you use to manage your Twitter account.

The online copy of the handbook has been updated, and you can access this from the handbooks page.

Those students joining us on the programme this semester will receive a printed copy of the handbook – this will have the old Tweetdeck instructions, which you can ignore. If you wish to print out and attach the newer instructions to your paper handbook, these are available here, as a PDF.

Apologies for any inconvenience! Happy tweeting. 🙂