Programme handbooks

These are the two key handbooks for the MSc in Digital Education programme. These are updated each year, so make sure to check that you have the most recent version if you are referring to a saved copy.

[pdf]   Programme handbook September 2017  (2.5 MB)

[link] Technologies handbook (wiki)   

In addition, these two documents explain the programme’s Personal Tutor system:

[pdf]   Personal tutor handbook for part-time students (64KB)

[pdf]    Personal tutor handbook for full-time students (62KB)


Course handbooks


[pdf]   An introduction to digital environments for learning  (Core course)  (823 KB)

[pdf]   Course design for digital environments  (867 KB)

[pdf]   Digital futures for learning  (567 KB)

[pdf]   Learning analytics: process and theory   (374 KB)

[pdf]   Research methods  (now renamed Introduction to social research methods)  (291 KB)

[pdf]   Wider themes in digital education  (348 KB)



[pdf]   Assessment, learning and digital education  (501KB)

[pdf]   Digital student experience (2.6MB)

[pdf]   Education and digital culture  (1.8MB)

[pdf]   Introduction to digital game based learning (989 KB)

[pdf]   Understanding learning in the online environment  (799KB)

These guides from the previous year may also be helpful, but please note that there will be changes to the courses when they run again


[pdf]    Digital education in the global context  (243 KB)

[pdf]    Digital education strategy and policy (150 KB)


Dissertation guide and documents

[pdf] Dissertation Guide 9th_edition  (359 KB)

[pdf] Dissertation proposal form  (59 KB)

[link] School of Education research ethics information, including ethical approval forms