Archiving material from WebCT

For those who took courses before this academic year, you will want to know that the University’s support for WebCT will come to an end at the end of this month (June 2013). Old course sites may continue to function after that, but there is no guarantee, and if anything goes wrong with the service it’s unlikely to be fixed. So, if you have material in WebCT that you know you want to return to, you should download/save this in the next few weeks. You can access these courses at

Readings can be saved in the usual ways (downloading the PDFs, etc). Other pages can be saved as PDFs or HTML pages. And if you want to keep a record of discussion board content, here’s how:

Discussions and their attachments can be selected individually or as a whole thread, select printable view and then download instead of printing.

If you have questions or need help, contact the IS Helpline –